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Moonglow has three competitive squads and two award winning dance teams - Destructive Divas and Fallen. All the students in our squads are selected from our Saturday childrens classes and are between 6 and 23 years old. To be considered for our competitive squad students must have taken a minimum of two ISTD examinations and have a high level of Saturday class attendance.


Squad members are trained in Disco Freestyle, Rock 'N' Roll, Street Dance and Slow styles. The closest competition to us is Hemel Hempstead with the furthest being Southend. At each competition every dancer is entered into four categories; Set Dance, Rock ’n’ Roll, Couples and Solos. Each section has a number of heats with recalls until 6 finalists are chosen.


The competitions are called ‘Regional Qualifiers’ and we attend around 10 throughout the year, students generally pick and choose which competitions they go to with some students attending all of them and others only attending a couple, none of them are compulsory. By participating our students will have the opportunity to qualify for the biggest competition of the year which is the 'ISTD Nationals Competition' held in Guildford on Sunday 4th October.

Once a dancer has qualified in Set Dance and Rock ’n’ Roll they do not need to attend any further competitions until Nationals.

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